Meet Our Recruiters: Jodi

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Cornbread Hustle takes a lot of pride in our efforts to place deserving people with second-chance employment. It’s hard work on our part, and it wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of some amazing people behind the scenes.

One of those people is Jodi, our Area Recruiting Manager. Jodi has overcome struggles with addiction and multiple felony convictions, and turned her life around in part through her job with Cornbread Hustle.

We asked Jodi to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule to share her story with you.

What do you do at Cornbread Hustle?

What don’t I do? (Just kidding!) I am the Area Recruiting Manager over the Dallas and Arkansas offices. I supervise our recruiters, and I help screen applicants before we place them at jobs.

How did you learn about Cornbread Hustle?

In 2017, I was flipping through channels on TV and I heard the name “Cornbread Hustle” on the news. I watched to find out what the heck Cornbread Hustle was about. It turned out that it was a job placement company for people with criminal records, just like me. I checked out the website, and I have been involved ever since.

Why is second-chance hiring important to you?

Second-chance hiring is important to me, because everyone should have the right to work to support themselves and their families. After we have served our time and are released, that should be the end of our [prison] sentence, but it isn’t. Our sentence continues for the rest of our lives, every time our background keeps us from getting a job.

Do you have a favorite “success story” about a Hustler you’ve worked with?

Gosh, it’s hard to narrow it down to one! If I had to choose a favorite, I would say Carlos R. would be one. He was fresh out of prison and still living in a halfway house when he was referred to me. He had spent so much time in and out of prison and being addicted, that his family relationships were severely damaged. But he was, and still is, determined to never go back to that life.

We placed Carlos at a job that he loves, and the employer loves him, too! He was converted to a full-time employee after 90 days. He has begun mending relationships with his family. He stays in touch with me, and sends me photos of himself with his family. He’s also engaged to be married!

Carlos loves to cook, and he is always cooking for his on-the-job family. His dream is to have his own food truck someday, and I can’t wait for that to happen to him.

Jodi is just one of the many caring, experienced recruiters at Cornbread Hustle. To speak with Jodi or one of our other recruiters about a second-chance, background-friendly job opportunity, please click here to apply, or call 469-294-8799.