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Cornbread Hustle puts our candidates first. We strive to provide the right opportunities that will align with your long-term career goals.


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These are our passion-driven professionals who are advocates for positive transformation


Cheri Garcia


About Cheri

Cheri Garcia has a passion for transformation, entrepreneurship and recovery. As someone who has re-invented her own life, Cheri wanted to create a company to help others do the same. Before starting Cornbread Hustle, Cheri found her own transformation through inventing a tanning bed product and getting a career in the TV news industry. Today, Cheri uses her personal story and entrepreneurial experiences to help others undergo their own transformation, find meaningful employment, and create opportunities to make extra income.


Treon Kranz

Chief Talent Officer

About Treon

After working for more than 15 years as a Sales Executive, Treon decided she wanted to expand her career to include passions of the heart. After discovering Cornbread Hustle, Treon was attracted to the concept of helping people grow their lives through meaningful employment. Treon’s passion for creating and teaching life skill courses stems from her own experience of struggling as a single mom in the food service industry. She successfully put herself on a financial plan to go from being in thousands of dollars in debt to making a 6 figure salary in software sales. She is dedicated to helping people realize their potential using the skills they already have no matter what job they are currently at.