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Discover Fresh Talent
and Minimize Turnover.

Discover Fresh Talent
and Minimize Turnover.

Cornbread Hustle is a Staffing Agency for Second Chances.

We have a pipeline of hard-working people dedicated to turning their lives around and supporting themselves and their families.

We help employers grow and diversify their workforces through a comprehensive second-chance hiring system. Every job candidate is thoroughly screened by our recruiting staff, which is made up of people who were themselves given another chance after incarceration or recovery from substance use.

Our interview and acceptance process is different from most staffing agencies, to identify qualified and loyal placements. We put the candidates first, always looking for a proper fit in consideration of their unique needs and experiences.

We connect our talent with forward-thinking companies ready to give them a second chance. Employers benefit from a stronger workforce, and higher retention / lower turnover when compared to traditional staffing agencies.

Weekly Workforce Retention
Pie chart: 48% Violent Crimes / 40% Nonviolent Crimes / 12$ No Charges

Great Workers Come From All Backgrounds.

In that survey, we found no strong correlation between the type of charge and the worker’s on-the-job performance. In fact, those with a violent criminal past were slightly more likely to succeed after we placed them in the right job.

The strongest mark of success was related to environment: employees at workplaces where they were nurtured by caring, supportive management were better performers, and stayed with their employer longer.

We Prepare Workers and Employers to Succeed.

Every worker is unique, and every employer’s needs are different. We identify the best matches to ensure the greatest odds of a long-term benefit to both.

Before we begin a relationship with a new employer partner, we conduct a thorough on-site visit, to ensure the environment is a great fit for our talent pool. We then make regular follow-up visits to talk with employees and managers, for building trust and recognizing standout workers.

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