Cornbread Hustle is a social enterprise with a focus on positive transformation. We teach entrepreneurial skills to help people become better employees, find meaningful employment, or start a business. We accept anyone who is willing to put in work and eager to learn. Most of our students have experienced traumatizing hardships or just simply in a rut and want to start something new. We are felon friendly and advocates for second chances and recovery. Our mission is to open doors and create opportunity for the improvement of society. We do so by combining student assessment tests with education to find the perfect employment match for long term sustainability, happiness and growth for everyone involved.


Meet our Team


Meet our Team

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Team size and team composition affect team processes and team outcomes.

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Team members normally have different roles, like team leader and agents.

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Large teams can divide into subteams according to need.

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The more homogeneous the group, the more cohesive it will be.