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Hustler Spotlight: Robb W.

Some of our Hustlers have tremendous skill sets and great experience, but we don’t always have a job opening that would be a good fit for them. When this happens, we like to feature these candidates in our Hustler Spotlight! Employers can contact us directly to interview these candidates, at no charge or cost, and there is no hiring fee – we just want to connect great workers with great jobs!

This week, we’re featuring Robb. W, a U.S. Navy veteran and experienced software quality assurance manager, who will bring exceptional value to the right team!

Robb W.

What is your dream job?

For me, it’s less about the job or industry. The greater focus is on the people, the environment, and how the company supports its people, with a truly positive, inclusive culture. That said, a company that has an eye on sustainability, both environmentally and economically, would be a huge plus.

What makes you a great employee?

As a result of the path that I’ve walked, I have an incredibly diverse background with a variety of experiences that I apply to everything that I do. My time in the military (eight years in the U.S. Navy) gave me a ground- (or sea-) level education in the value of teamwork and cross-training.

I value communication, transparency, persistence and a team-first attitude above most things.  As someone who has been in management roles for a while now, I work hard to assist the members of my team to boost their profile, gain experience and new skills, as well as prepare them for their next move up the ladder. I lead with empathy and compassion, and finish with effort and attention to detail.  I’m a big-picture guy who keeps his feet on the ground.

What did you learn from your past experiences with the justice system and incarceration?

I’ve learned more than I could possibly list here. As a result of my journey through addiction and incarceration, I’ve come to understand just how resilient I am, and how every mistake has taught me a valuable lesson, once I was open to hearing it. My time in the justice system was all predicated on behavior around drugs (no violent crimes or theft). Having survived myself, I was able to find my way to a 12-step substance abuse recovery group, and after a few false starts, I recently celebrated 24 years clean!

What is the most important thing you want employers to know about you?

I have about 25 years experience in software QA, at all levels and most disciplines. I’m motivated, intelligent and engaging. I retain a strong sense of humility, because I know, without a single doubt, that I need to lean on the people around me to have real success. I am not my past, nor am I a sum of my mistakes; rather, I am the person who was forged in a fire of his own making and managed to come out the other side better for all of the experiences, positive and otherwise.

I’m an excellent communicator. I don’t make promises I can’t keep, and I like to think I’m a pretty solid human being. When I partner with the right team and company, we all benefit exponentially.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get back to work and really make a difference somewhere!

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