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A Staffing Agency

for Second Chances

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Cornbread Hustle workers at a job site

Your Background Doesn’t Need to Hold You Back.

One out of three American adults has a criminal record, but their punishment often extends beyond a prison sentence or probation. Many are unable to find work if their background check shows an arrest or conviction.

Cornbread Hustle makes a difference. We help hard-working people find meaningful full-time work at forward-thinking companies who see value in second-chance hiring.

Our Mission

We match an untapped labor resource with employers looking to grow and diversify their workforce, from entry-level to advanced degree careers.

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For Job-Seekers

Browse our background-friendly jobs and apply right now.
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Employers looking for workers

For Employers

Learn how Cornbread Hustle can help you meet your labor needs, through both temp-to-hire and direct hire placement.



Enhance your DEI efforts and create a second-chance hiring policy, with our expert help.

The 12-Week Starting Over Program

The 12-Week Starting Over Program on a tablet

Cornbread Hustle offers an exclusive online course to help participants improve their personal and professional lives.

Provided in prisons nationwide, The 12-Week Starting Over Program is an interactive, video-guided course series focused on compassionate self-empowerment and growth.

All Cornbread Hustle employees can register for free to enroll in the program, and keep access for life at no cost to them.

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