White House Announces $60 Million for Returning Citizen Job Training. We Can Do Better!

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This week, the White House announced a broad strategy aimed at curbing crime and gun violence. Among its goals is to reduce recidivism by helping formerly-incarcerated people finds jobs.

According to the White House, the U.S. Department of Labor will spend $60 million on what it calls Pathway Home projects. The plan is to help 6,000 incarcerated men and women begin career training and job readiness, so they can more easily find work after they are released.

From the official news release:

“By enabling services to begin while participants are still incarcerated and continue services post-release, the Pathway Home initiative eliminates the gap between release from incarceration and enrollment into a reentry program. Participants are taught job readiness and job search strategies and receive apprenticeships and occupational training.”

Some quick math shows the government will spend about $10,000 per person on that training.

While we applaud the effort to help incarcerated people better prepare to reenter society, we are concerned about their job prospects after leaving prison. Every day, we work with men and women who cannot get hired at most workplaces because of their criminal record. While training can help, it won’t guarantee a job is waiting for returning citizens after their release.

At Cornbread Hustle, we believe we can do better – at no cost to taxpayers.

Our founder and CEO Cheri Garcia talked about this in a video on her LinkedIn profile:

If you or someone you know is returning after incarceration, Cornbread Hustle can help with job placement. Please contact us and apply today to get started. We can place you in a job within 24 hours of your release from jail or prison!

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