November 2021
Virtual Support Groups

Addiction Support

Positive support group for help with quitting drugs or alcohol. This is an AA format open meeting for anyone needing support with any addictions. We are informal and relaxed with a strong entrepreneurial member base.

Tuesdays 7:00 AM CT
Zoom ID: 883 9338 7813
Password: ZLr5Gt

Women’s Bible Study

Bible study mainly made up of professional women in business. We discuss topics such as facing loneliness, letting go of validation seeking, and understanding your worth and how God sees you.

Thursdays 7:00 AM CT
Zoom ID: 861 6618 4974
Password: 2021

Soul-Searching Bible Study

Specifically created for those who don’t feel comfortable in church or have been hurt by religion. We focus on how Jesus lived and loved. We speak a lot about brokenness and navigating feelings around shame.

Sundays 2:00 PM CT
Zoom ID: 821 1268 9384
Password: redletters

Entrepreneurship After Prison

This is a weekly networking and support group for people who are formerly incarcerated and participated in college and/or educational courses while locked up. Topics center on employment opportunities, reentry issues, and professional networking.

Wednesdays 5:30 PM CT
Zoom ID: 833 1474 8754
Pass: 864694

N0te: Zoom ID changes every 7 weeks. Contact Brandon Warren for updated link and more information.