Our program recognizes those who continue to come to classes, mentor new students and participate in community service. We have a tiered point system to celebrate growth and transformation. It takes a certain level of commitment and involvement to be featured on this page.


Path Finder (225 – 1000 points) 

Student NamePoints Earned
LaSaundra Davis-Harris900
Michael Whittemore900
Kevin Rainey825
Lisa Torres825
LaTonya Brown825
Larry Linton825
Ryan Daugherty450
Debra Skeens375
Jamichael McDaniel 375
Kim Boyd325
Temetrius Chambers300
Lona Udan300
A'dontis Barber300
Ariel Lucas300
Sabine Schneider 225
Jammie Jefferson225
JoJo Munoz225
Kenisha Mooney225
Cassidy Cruz 225
C.L Arbor Jr.225

Entrepreneur (1000 – 3000 points) 


Bread Winner (3000+ points )