Building your foundation

Week 1: Take a look in the mirror
Change your mindset: Determining enablers, supporters and making right decisions by creating good habits and letting go of the bad.

Week 2. Check yourself
Personality assessments: Determining your strengths and weaknesses and how to put yourself in situations to thrive.

Week 3: How others see you
Starting over: Finding your purpose and using that passion to build your personal brand.

Week 4: Your side hustle
Turning your talent into money: First steps to starting a business and selling your services and products.

The Secret Sauce

Week 5: Your dream team
Share the vision: perfecting your presentation to get potential investors and partners interested in what you’re building.

Week 6: Rise and Grind
Building momentum: Expanding your brand by using your story to inspire others during your journey.

Week 7: Money talks
Keeping the money you make: Financial projections and what it will take to grow.

Week 8: Hustle harder
Sales cure all: Finding opportunities closing the deal. Sales training to help you and your team grow and make more money.

Courage to Conquer

Week 9: Spread the word
Speaking truth: Finding the courage to share your message on bigger platforms. Public speaking training to help you spread the word.

Week 10: Your responsibilities
Uncle sam wants his cut: Learning what your tax responsibilities are and staying on top of it. Tips on how to find write offs and what you can and can’t do.

Week 11: Money and marketing
Re-investing your money: Learning the risks and rewards with marketing spending and how things have changed with technology.

Week 12: The will to win
Beating out the competition: Understanding how to apply everything you learned in this class and using knowledge and effort to crush your competition.